Scofield Magnet Middle School

We are a Science, Math, Technology Magnet Middle School


Late Bus Schedule

4:00 p.m.


Bus 136


Hope Street, Hope Street at Church Street; Hamilton at Lawn; Daskam at Lafayette;

Glenbrook Road at Hamilton Avenue; Courtland Avenue at Hamilton, Seaside Avenue,

Cove Road, Lockwood Avenue at East Main Street and Lockwood Avenue at Woodrow Street; Myrtle Avenue, Lillian Street, Shippan Avenue to Shippan Point


Bus 110


Scofieldtown Road at High Ridge Road, High Ridge Road at Vine Road, Bradley Place; 

Terrace and Jessup;  High Ridge at Ridge Park; High Ridge Road at Dannel Drive; High Ridge at Longview,High Ridge Road and Nichols; Newfield School;

Pepperidge Road at Turner Road; Toms Road at Belltown Road;

Strawberry Hill Avenue at Newfield Avenue, 99 Strawberry Hill Avenue; Strawberry Hill Avenue at Hoyt Street;

1425 Bedford Street; Woodside Street at Summer Street;

Broad Street at Washington Boulevard; Tresser Boulevard and Washington Boulevard; Henry Street and Washington Boulevard; 300 Tresser Boulevard;

 Greenwich Avenue at Milton Road; Dolphin Cove Park


Bus 131


Chestnut Hill Road to Long Ridge Road to Wire Mill to High Ridge Road to

Long Ridge Road; Three Lakes Drive@ Elaine,Mianus and Westover to Cold Spring and Old Barn to

Washington Boulevard to  Bridge Street, Top Stillwater Avenue, West Broad and Stillwater, to Fairfield Avenue, to Selleck Street, to West Avenue; West Avenue and Minor Place; 77 Havemeyer


Bus 106


All North stops, including Johnathan Drive, Brookdale Road at High Ridge Road,

High Ridge at Interlaken; Temple Sinai, Newfield Avenue, Newfield Avenue at Weed Hill Avenue; Newfield Ave-Stop at JCC

*Hope Street and Bennett; Hope Street and Slice Drive; Hope Street at Bouton Street, Hope Street and Clearview, Hope Street and Hartford