Scofield Magnet Middle School

We are a Science, Math, Technology Magnet Middle School

 "In its original form, the exhibition is the public expression by a student of real command over what he or she has learned."

--Theodore Sizer, Chairman of the Coalition of Essential Schools

Exhibition is the culminating activity for Magnet Middle School students.  This project is an opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate their abilities as learners and teachers.  Realizing that we live in a constantly changing and technologically-oriented world, students will focus their Exhibition on a particular technology.  All Magnet Middle School students are required to complete Exhibition. 


Exhibition Goals

 Students will demonstrate the ability to master a realm of information, largely technology-related.

 Students will present their knowledge to peers and adults using a variety of media.

 Students will utilize and respond to probing questions about their area of expertise.


Components of Exhibition

Research paper:  The first component of the Exhibition is the research of the technology that will lead to a formal written research paper.  Work, generated with guiding research questions, will focus students on the content of the paper.  At least two months will be spent locating, using and recording information from primary and secondary resources.  Students will be encouraged to reach beyond the school to gather the information they need.  They will be required to use the research skills that they learned in sixth, seventh and eighth grades to write the paper.

Process:  It is important that the students meet scheduled deadlines to maintain regular progress on their Exhibition.  A schedule of deadlines is provided to meet this end.  Students must also demonstrate a positive work ethic and show respect to their peers’ work throughout the process.

Presentation slides and Creative:  The creative component allows the student to demonstrate creativity in relation to the chosen technology.  Both should support the presentation, be well designed, easy to read and/or understand, and be aesthetically pleasing.  Each student is required to create a slide presentation using their original drawing that enhances their presentation. Visuals are not a requirement of Exhibition, but may be used to highlight important concepts, to graphically illustrate key components of their technology, and to add interest to the presentation.

Presentation:  The students make an oral presentation in May. They will present their technology to a group of their peers, teachers and community guests using the knowledge gained from researching and writing their papers.  They will use their power point and creative pieces in this presentation. They may also use any visuals that they have.  A question and answer segment will follow the presentation allowing the student to answer thoughtful questions about the technology.


Link to Exhibition Supporting Documents


I. Research
  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to utilize:
    1. primary sources.
    2. secondary sources.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to:
    1. document research sources.
    2. distinguish between different types of resources and assess their validity.


II. Expression/communication
  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to:
    1. complete a research paper.
    2. explain their topic orally to peers and adults.
    3. create and utilize a visual demonstration of their topic.
  1. Students will express their own creativity within the presentation of their topic.
III. Critical thinking
  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to:
    1. develop probing questions about their technology.
    2. successfully respond to probing questions from peers and adults about their presentation.


IV. Evaluative
  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to:
    1. assess their own progress and achievement on their own Exhibition.
    2. participate in written and oral feedback to other students.