Scofield Magnet Middle School

We are a Science, Math, Technology Magnet Middle School

December 5-December 9 is Hour of Code week-over 1 million students participated!
Code Facts that were shared with Scofield Students:
In the next 3 years the demand for STEM workers will grow to 8.65 million. Coding will help in all STEM jobs.  Computer programming jobs are growing at 2 times the national average. A Computer Science major can earn 40% more than the college average. Students in most high schools receive no exposure to computer science- ALL Scofield Students learn some computer programming. When it comes to choosing a college major, less than 1% of girls select computer science. In 2013, 30,000 students took the AP Computer Science test. Only 19% were girls. Fewer than 10% of computer science students are Black/African American or Hispanic/Latino. 
Take a look at our Scofield students hard at work using Scratch, and Raspberry Pi!
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Our Mission Statement

The Magnet Middle School respects the unique characteristics and individuality of emerging adolescents. Our staff, in partnership with parents and students, strives to develop independent and responsible learners in both heterogeneous and homogeneous groupings. Through our unique school culture, we address the physical, social, and emotional needs that further intellectual development.

While using an interdisciplinary approach to learning, special emphasis is placed on math, science, and technology. The school is strongly committed to implementing the principles of the Carnegie Foundation Report and the Coalition of Essential Schools.

Our Philosophy

Our school was founded as a magnet middle school with an emphasis on science, technology and math. The goal of the Magnet Middle School is to involve students in a learning partnership with the school, home, and community in order to insure success for all students. The Magnet Middle School is comprised of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students and is based on the following beliefs; high standards for all students, trust, respect, and collaboration.

The school philosophy is that students need to learn to think critically, master an appropriate body of knowledge, learn to apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar settings, and to develop a constant desire to learn something new if they are to succeed in their adult lives. The students acquire an appreciation for science as a critical inquiry across the subject areas so they are able to have the necessary skills for employment. The staff and parents work collaboratively on ensuring the success for all the students.

Our curriculum is delivered mainly through interdisciplinary topics and projects usually with heterogeneous and homogeneous groupings of students.  Teams of teachers are responsible for scheduling and grouping students within blocks of time.  Assessment of our students is an on-going process. Evaluative measures used by the teachers are observations, portfolios, performance-based assessment, and testing.